About Us Learning to trade can be free

How-to-trade.co.za is a website developed to assist South Africans on the Market.
It is a free web-based application, developed by Synergy Systems: Web Solutions.
It is aimed at long and medium term investors and traders.

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You can contact us at: info@how-to-trade.co.za.

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Why we do it?

Trading and investing is an important and powerful tool in your life. It teaches you a lot and makes you responsible. After gaining skill and knowledge of the market you can use it. Use it to give you more freedom of choice in your life.
The markets can be used by all South Africans, investing in companies you see evidence of excellence and strength from.
For too long, trading and investing has been reserved for those economically advantaged. You can now learn about the markets and stocks free of charge on how-to-trade.

The tool is here to make your life easier. How-to-Trade.co.za will watch the markets, while you get on with your life.
How-To-Trade.co.za works when the market closes, collecting and analysing data.

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Goals of the site

  • Make it easy to trade - No need to constantly watch the markets and worry
  • Make is accessible - Now everyone in South Africa has free access to the data and charts
  • Make it Simple - Easy to use charting
  • Make it Free with standard features - We want to help you get rich, not the other way round
  • Make it Advertisement Free - We will make our money from the market, not from you
  • Assist with guides and training material
  • Grow your Personal Wealth in a Sustainable Manner
  • Provide facilities to alert and suggest trading ideas


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