About Us Tools to help you trade

How-to-trade.co.za is a website developed to assist South Africans on the Market.
It is a web-based application, developed by Synergy Systems: Web Solutions.
It is aimed at long and medium term investors and traders.

Contact Us

You can contact us at: info@how-to-trade.co.za.

Why we do it?

Trading and investing is an important and powerful tool in your life. It teaches you a lot and makes you responsible for your own choices.
After gaining skill and knowledge of the market you can use the market to give you more freedom of choice in your life.

The tool is here to make your life easier. How-to-Trade.co.za will watch the markets, while you get on with your life.
Use our postive and negative breakouts to alert you the next day when a stock drops below your set level.

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Goals of the site

  • Make it easy to trade - No need to constantly watch the markets and worry
  • Make is accessible - Now everyone in the world on any internet connected device has access to the data and charts
  • Make it Simple - Easy to use charting
  • Make it Advertisement Free - We will make our money from payments from people using the tool
  • Provide facilities for you to monitor and receive alerts about your trades