List of JSE Shares 2023-05-26

ShareNameLong NameSectorSuspended / CautionedActiveClosing Price
Heating Oil Oct 23Heating Oil Oct 23CommoditiesNoYes2.369900
Heating Oil Nov 23Heating Oil Nov 23CommoditiesNoYes2.371000
Nano Dimension LtdNano Dimension LtdCommon StockNoYes2.380000
Cs Bci Aggressive PrudentCs Bci Aggressive Prudential Fund Of Funds AJSENoYes2.380000
Natural Gas Jul 23Natural Gas Jul 23CommoditiesNoYes2.417000
RBOB Gasoline Sep 23RBOB Gasoline Sep 23CommoditiesNoYes2.442500
Appen LimitedAppen LimitedCommon StockNoYes2.450000
Sygnia 4th Industrial RevSygnia 4th Industrial Revolution Global Equity Fund AJSENoYes2.462000
DermTech, IncDermTech, IncCommon StockNoYes2.470000
Natural Gas Sep 23Natural Gas Sep 23CommoditiesNoYes2.503000
Natural Gas Aug 23Natural Gas Aug 23CommoditiesNoYes2.505000
RBOB Gasoline Aug 23RBOB Gasoline Aug 23CommoditiesNoYes2.517500
Estia Health LimitedEstia Health LimitedCommon StockNoYes2.520000
National Storage REITNational Storage REITCommon StockNoYes2.520000
Genius Brands InternationGenius Brands International, IncCommon StockNoYes2.530000
Kartoon Studios Inc.Kartoon Studios Inc.Common StockNoYes2.530000
ImmunityBio, IncImmunityBio, IncCommon StockNoYes2.540000
Uranium Energy CorpUranium Energy CorpCommon StockNoYes2.570000
Cleanaway Waste ManagemenCleanaway Waste Management LimitedCommon StockNoYes2.570000
Abacus Property GroupAbacus Property GroupCommon StockNoYes2.580000
UP Fintech Holding LimiteUP Fintech Holding LimitedCommon StockNoYes2.590000
RBOB Gasoline Jul 23RBOB Gasoline Jul 23CommoditiesNoYes2.591300
Natural Gas Oct 23Natural Gas Oct 23CommoditiesNoYes2.613000
21Vianet Group, Inc21Vianet Group, IncCommon StockNoYes2.640000
Costa Group Holdings LimiCosta Group Holdings LimitedCommon StockNoYes2.640000
Waypoint REIT LimitedWaypoint REIT LimitedCommon StockNoYes2.640000
Adb Bci Flexible PrudentiAdb Bci Flexible Prudential Fund Of Funds AJSENoYes2.645000
Adb Bci Flexible PrudentiAdb Bci Flexible Prudential Fund Of Funds A1JSENoYes2.654000
Discovery Balanced FundDiscovery Balanced FundJSENoYes2.666000
Omni Bridgeway LimitedOmni Bridgeway LimitedCommon StockNoYes2.690000
RBOB Gasoline FuturesRBOB Gasoline FuturesCommoditiesNoYes2.703400
RBOB Gasoline Jun 23RBOB Gasoline Jun 23CommoditiesNoYes2.703400
MFF Capital Investments LMFF Capital Investments LimitedCommon StockNoYes2.710000
Adviceworx Old Mutual InfAdviceworx Old Mutual Inflation Plus 3-4% Fund Of Funds B1JSENoYes2.718000