List of JSE Shares 2023-04-21

ShareNameLong NameSectorSuspended / CautionedActiveClosing Price
MyState LimitedMyState LimitedCommon StockNoYes3.660000
Autus Prime Balanced FundAutus Prime Balanced Fund AJSENoYes3.674000
Danimer ScientificDanimer ScientificCommon StockNoYes3.680000
Arena REITArena REITCommon StockNoYes3.700000
Pitney Bowes IncPitney Bowes IncCommon StockNoYes3.720000
Natural Gas May 25Natural Gas May 25CommoditiesNoYes3.766000
Charter Hall Retail Real Charter Hall Retail Real Estate Investment TrustCommon StockNoYes3.770000
Natural Gas Feb 24Natural Gas Feb 24CommoditiesNoYes3.771000
Treasury Yield 30 Years Treasury Yield 30 Years IndexIndexesNoYes3.778000
Natural Gas Apr 25Natural Gas Apr 25CommoditiesNoYes3.790000
Natural Gas May 27Natural Gas May 27CommoditiesNoYes3.838000
Sirius XM Holdings IncSirius XM Holdings IncCommon StockNoYes3.840000
Bega Cheese LimitedBega Cheese LimitedCommon StockNoYes3.840000
Joby Aviation IncJoby Aviation IncCommon StockNoYes3.840000
Natural Gas May 28Natural Gas May 28CommoditiesNoYes3.841000
Vuzix CorporationVuzix CorporationCommon StockNoYes3.850000
BWP TrustBWP TrustCommon StockNoYes3.850000
Natural Gas May 26Natural Gas May 26CommoditiesNoYes3.854000
Natural Gas Apr 27Natural Gas Apr 27CommoditiesNoYes3.859000
Amplify Seymour Cannabis Amplify Seymour Cannabis ETFETFNoYes3.867000
Natural Gas Jan 24Natural Gas Jan 24CommoditiesNoYes3.873000
Natural Gas Apr 26Natural Gas Apr 26CommoditiesNoYes3.875000
Natural Gas Apr 28Natural Gas Apr 28CommoditiesNoYes3.883000
Absa Prudential Fund Of FAbsa Prudential Fund Of Funds DJSENoYes3.894000
Absa Prudential Fund Of FAbsa Prudential Fund Of FundsJSENoYes3.895000
Natural Gas Jun 27Natural Gas Jun 27CommoditiesNoYes3.899000
Natural Gas Jun 25Natural Gas Jun 25CommoditiesNoYes3.905000
Reliance Worldwide CorporReliance Worldwide Corporation LimitedCommon StockNoYes3.910000
Natural Gas Jun 28Natural Gas Jun 28CommoditiesNoYes3.926000
Natural Gas Nov 24Natural Gas Nov 24CommoditiesNoYes3.926000
Henry Hub Natural Gas FutHenry Hub Natural Gas FuturesMCommoditiesNoYes3.929000
Henry Hub Natural Gas FutHenry Hub Natural Gas FuturesACommoditiesNoYes3.940000
Natural Gas Jun 26Natural Gas Jun 26CommoditiesNoYes3.945000
Mind Medicine (MindMed) IMind Medicine (MindMed) IncCommon StockNoYes3.950000
Metcash LimitedMetcash LimitedCommon StockNoYes3.960000