List of JSE Shares 2023-05-30

ShareNameLong NameSectorSuspended / CautionedActiveClosing Price
Anchor Bci Managed Fund AAnchor Bci Managed Fund AJSENoYes1.272000
Bellevue Gold LimitedBellevue Gold LimitedCommon StockNoYes1.275000
De Grey Mining LimitedDe Grey Mining LimitedCommon StockNoYes1.310000
Absa Multi-managed AbsoluAbsa Multi-managed Absolute Return Prudential Fund C2JSENoYes1.334000
Ramelius Resources LimiteRamelius Resources LimitedCommon StockNoYes1.335000
Absa Multi-managed AbsoluAbsa Multi-managed Absolute Return Prudential Fund CJSENoYes1.336000
Absa Multi-managed AbsoluAbsa Multi-managed Absolute Return Prudential Fund C1JSENoYes1.336000
Cordatus Balanced PrescieCordatus Balanced Prescient Fund A1JSENoYes1.337000
Gevo, IncGevo, IncCommon StockNoYes1.350000
Bci Best Blend Balanced FBci Best Blend Balanced Fund B1JSENoYes1.350000
Coronado Global ResourcesCoronado Global Resources IncCommon StockNoYes1.365000
Corion Prime Growth Fund Corion Prime Growth Fund AJSENoYes1.381000
PointsBet Holdings LimitePointsBet Holdings LimitedCommon StockNoYes1.385000
Anchor Bci Diversified GrAnchor Bci Diversified Growth Fund AJSENoYes1.394000
Alumina LimitedAlumina LimitedCommon StockNoYes1.410000
Discovery Aggressive DynaDiscovery Aggressive Dynamic Asset Optimiser Fund of FundsJSENoYes1.410000
Assetmix Ci Balanced FundAssetmix Ci Balanced Fund AJSENoYes1.420000
Beach Energy LimitedBeach Energy LimitedCommon StockNoYes1.425000
Clucasgray Equilibrium PrClucasgray Equilibrium Prescient Fund A1JSENoYes1.426000
Bovest Bci Managed Fund OBovest Bci Managed Fund Of Funds AJSENoYes1.429000
Infomedia LtdInfomedia LtdCommon StockNoYes1.430000
Cinnabar Sci Balanced PluCinnabar Sci Balanced Plus Fund Of FundsJSENoYes1.435000
Centuria Office REITCenturia Office REITCommon StockNoYes1.445000
Race Oncology LimitedRace Oncology LimitedCommon StockNoYes1.445000
Capita Bci Balanced Fund Capita Bci Balanced Fund AJSENoYes1.449000
Synlait Milk LimitedSynlait Milk LimitedCommon StockNoYes1.470000
The Honest Company, IncThe Honest Company, IncCommon StockNoYes1.470000
Sundial Growers IncSundial Growers IncCommon StockNoYes1.480000
Alexander Forbes InvestmeAlexander Forbes Investments Aggressive Passive Fund AJSENoYes1.491000
Westgold Resources LimiteWestgold Resources LimitedCommon StockNoYes1.525000
PolyNovo LimitedPolyNovo LimitedCommon StockNoYes1.535000