List of JSE Shares 2023-05-29

ShareNameLong NameSectorSuspended / CautionedActiveClosing Price
Core Lithium LtdCore Lithium LtdCommon StockNoYes1.050000
Dacian Gold LimitedDacian Gold LimitedCommon StockNoYes0.084000
Dicker Data LimitedDicker Data LimitedCommon StockNoYes8.420000
De Grey Mining LimitedDe Grey Mining LimitedCommon StockNoYes1.305000
Domain Holdings AustraliaDomain Holdings Australia LimitedCommon StockNoYes3.420000
Domino's Pizza EnterpriseDomino's Pizza Enterprises LimitedCommon StockNoYes47.720000
Douugh LimitedDouugh LimitedCommon StockNoYes0.008000
Downer EDI LimitedDowner EDI LimitedCommon StockNoYes3.570000
Deterra Royalties LimitedDeterra Royalties LimitedCommon StockNoYes4.430000
Data#3 LimitedData#3 LimitedCommon StockNoYes7.130000
Dimerix LimitedDimerix LimitedCommon StockNoYes0.075000
DexusDexusCommon StockNoYes8.180000
Eclipx Group LimitedEclipx Group LimitedCommon StockNoYes2.220000
The Environmental Group LThe Environmental Group LimitedCommon StockNoYes0.200000
Estia Health LimitedEstia Health LimitedCommon StockNoYes2.510000
Emeco Holdings LimitedEmeco Holdings LimitedCommon StockNoYes0.660000
Elders LimitedElders LimitedCommon StockNoYes6.620000
European Metals Holdings European Metals Holdings LimitedCommon StockNoYes0.585000
EML Payments LimitedEML Payments LimitedCommon StockNoYes0.670000
Euro Manganese IncEuro Manganese IncCommon StockNoYes0.205000
Electro Optic Systems HolElectro Optic Systems Holdings LimitedCommon StockNoYes0.855000
Evolution Mining LimitedEvolution Mining LimitedCommon StockNoYes3.410000
Event Hospitality & EnterEvent Hospitality & Entertainment LimitedCommon StockNoYes11.550000
Elixir Energy LimitedElixir Energy LimitedCommon StockNoYes0.098000
FAR LimitedFAR LimitedCommon StockNoYes0.700000
Fletcher Building LimitedFletcher Building LimitedCommon StockNoYes4.820000
Fenix Resources LimitedFenix Resources LimitedCommon StockNoYes0.235000
Frugl Group LimitedFrugl Group LimitedCommon StockNoYes0.009000
Flight Centre Travel GrouFlight Centre Travel Group LimitedCommon StockNoYes21.180000
Fortescue Metals Group LiFortescue Metals Group LimitedCommon StockNoYes19.860000
Fisher & Paykel HealthcarFisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation LimitedCommon StockNoYes22.750000
FYI Resources LimitedFYI Resources LimitedCommon StockNoYes0.115000
Galileo Mining LtdGalileo Mining LtdCommon StockNoYes0.670000
GDI Property GroupGDI Property GroupCommon StockNoYes0.720000
Golden Deeps LimitedGolden Deeps LimitedCommon StockNoYes0.006500